2600 N. Main
North Logan, Utah

Willie Driving School is a state certified commercial driving school founded by Randal Willie and his son Burt Willie back in 2003. Since then the school has taught hundreds of students of varying age, background, and skill level. As other commercial driving schools came and went, Willie Driving School stayed strong due to our mission of providing the best experience possible for all of our students. Our devotion shows in the great word of mouth marketing our students provide by telling their family and friends about our school.

Back before the days of Willie Driving School, drivers education took the “my way or the highway” approach with inflexible schedules and the same dull instruction for every student. Willie Driving School wanted to change the painfully boring stereotype of drivers ed by creating a flexible schedule and unique training tailored to each and every student. Why take months to finish drivers ed and completely ruin your school and work schedule along the way? We take a streamlined approach to drivers ed, doing our best to make sure our students are done in just three weeks! Not only is the process fast, but it is effective. We gear training around the exact needs of each student to ensure better learning and rapid progress.

Well, that’s enough about us for now! Feel free to contact us by calling 435.755.8050 and see why people love Willie Driving School!

(No walk-ins ~ all potential students must contact us first.)