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North Logan, Utah
  • Do I need a learner permit before I can start the course?

    Nope. You can start the classroom portion without a permit, but a valid permit is required to drive with the instructor. Here is some information on how to get a permit.
  • How long will it take to get my license?

    Our goal is to help you complete our course within three weeks, but this time may vary depending on your schedule and motivation! Make sure you have your learner permit so we can jump straight into the driving portion.
  • What if I have no driving experience?

    Don't worry at all! We have taught countless students who have never even touched a steering wheel, let alone know what one is. We will tailor our instruction to fit your needs!
  • Do I take the road test with Willie Driving School?

    Unfortunately no. State regulation will not allow commercial instructors to test their own students. Most of our students take the road test from the Drivers License Division, but don't worry! We will make sure you are prepared and confident! That's what we do best!
  • What do I need to bring with me for class?

    We collect payment on the first day of class, so make sure to bring cash or a check. Also bring your permit if you have one. We will provide pens, paper, and handbooks.
  • Do I use your car or mine?

    Luckily for you, we provide the car. You will finally be able to drive that box car you see driving around everywhere! Also, our car has a brake on the instructor's side, which is...uh...comforting for us instructors.
  • What is the schedule of the course?

    We start a new course every first Monday of each month. The classes are held for 9 weekdays from 6-8 pm. Check out our calendar to see the dates of upcoming classes.